Employee Ownership Case Studies

Here are a selection of case studies showing how we have helped companies implement employee ownership and share schemes.

John Borghossian of Compass Pathways explains how Postlethwaite helped them achieve the simplest and most cost effective solution to providing employee share options using EMI (Enterprise Management Incentive)

When Rooflight’s founders, Pete and Val King, began planning ownership succession they saw employee ownership as having a natural and firm fit with the company’s culture and as forming a strong foundation for its future growth and success. 

When John the founder was introduced to the concept of employee ownership it immediately gave him a solution that would meet all his requirements and reward his employees. Michelle considers how they made this decision and why they used Postlethwaite as their professional adviser.

A successful and reputed multi-sector architects practice, with over seventy employees, moved from being owned by two individuals to majority ownership by an employee ownership trust. Oliver explains why they chose this option.

We believe in practising what we preach and have chosen a different form of ownership compared with most other law firms, and we are so pleased with it that we would like to tell you more.

When the founder of this successful retailer of specialist medical and orthopaedic goods wished to retire it was agreed that employee ownership would be in the best long-term interests of the Company and its employees.