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About Us

We are a team of specialist share scheme and employee ownership lawyers. Our experience of a wide range of commercial transactions and situations means that we stand by your side and ensure that what you do is fit for purpose, commercially sound and wherever feasible tax efficient.

Why use us?

Our Mission

Our Values

Our Team

They combine a magic circle level of expertise with a more personal service


Our process

We can help you identify the right employee share scheme or new ownership structure for your business, then work with you to ensure its successful implementation and launch. This might involve:


A first meeting with you, without charge, to discuss your objectives and map out how you might achieve them, with a guide to the likely cost


Design of your share scheme or transition to employee ownership: some more detailed planning of how it is going to work


Legal implementation, preparing your employee share scheme or employee ownership documents, advice on taxation, liaison with HM Revenue and Customs as needed


Communication with participants, so that they understand how your share scheme works

Why use us?

By engaging us you will benefit from

  • the combined knowledge and experience of the members of our team
  • our shared expertise derived from working with a diverse range of businesses in many different situations

We consider your immediate needs and also look at what could happen in the future

  • If your company is sold, it will need to pass the buyer’s due diligence process. High on the buyer’s list will be questions relating to your share scheme
  • If you are planning to establish an employee ownership trust, you will need to consider what ownership pressures might arise in the future and how they can be addressed.

Choose us if you want the reassurance of working with a fully regulated law firm which asks all the important questions.

Our focus is on helping you find the right solution, then putting it in place. You will need a result that’s been carefully designed to achieve particular business objectives, not an off-the-shelf or commodity solution.

From the moment I was introduced to Postlethwaite…I knew we had the right solicitors to help us manage and negotiate the transition of TensCare to employee ownership. Postlethwaite solicitors were clear about the processes and benefits involved and upfront about their fees.

Neil Wright, Tenscare

Our mission

To help you build a successful, world-class and sustainable business through employee ownership and engagement in success, and to do the same in our own company.

Our values

Looking after our clients


We create a relationship of trust with you so that you feel confident in our advice and your dealings with us.


We listen to you to understand what you want to achieve, and we provide our advice with clarity.


We ensure that we are available to respond to your needs


Our clients value high-quality advice, our charges for which are reasonable and clear.


Our advice is practical, and solution-focussed, technically thorough and precise. We look out for your interests.

How we work together at Postlethwaite

Positive purpose

We believe in the value of our work for our clients.

Mutual support

We pool knowledge, jump in to help and support each other when help is needed, working in a collegiate manner.


We are as open as we can be about what is happening in our business and place high importance on communication.


We recognise that everyone has plenty to contribute, so we listen. Everyone has an important role. We show each other respect at all times.

Broad ownership & reward sharing

We give all our permanent employees the opportunity to acquire a reward sharing ownership stake and share in our company’s rewards.

Robert Postlethwaite of Postlethwaite Employee Ownership & Share Schemes Solicitors

To explore how employee ownership could work for your company, call me on 020 3818 9420.