Share schemes case study

Compass Pathways Limited


A life sciences company based in London, Compass Pathways wished to explore a way to provide shares to board members and employees.

Through discussion they realised that they could achieve all they wanted using an Enterprise Management Incentive plan (EMI Share Scheme), for which they qualified.

Having discussed a more complex arrangement with another adviser Compass Pathways were pleased when Postlethwaite, having listened to their objectives, came up with a much simpler solution.

Postlethwaite's initial approach and proposal was by far the highest quality that we encountered....and with reasonable fees. I really appreciate that David put our priorities as a customer above all else.

John Boghossian, Director of Operations, Compass Pathways

Video: EMI Share Scheme Case Study

  • John Borghossian, Vice President of Operations, Compass Pathways

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