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Our 1st birthday as a 100% employee-owned law firm

It’s our first birthday since we became a fully fledged 100% employee-owned company, transferring all our shares to an employee ownership trust and so committing to all members of our firm having an ownership stake. In this short blog, our founder Robert Postlethwaite looks at the impact employee ownership has had on us so far, whether anything has changed, and what’s next….

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Employee ownership trusts: the best law firm succession solution you’ve never heard of?

Business succession through an EOT is the fastest growing business model in the UK, to date adopted by 1400+ companies, including a growing number of law firms. Independent research shows that employee-owned companies outperform their peers in a number of ways. Watch our webinar and download our guide for Law firms on EOTs now…

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Employee Ownership within Law Firms – a growing trend?

Of the approximately 9,500 solicitors firms in the UK, an estimated 20 are now employee-owned, in most cases through an employee ownership trust (EOT).  A tiny percentage, yes, but one which I believe is set to grow over the coming years as practices grapple with multiple challenges which for many will make the traditional partnership model no longer fit for purpose.

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