What we do for Law Firms

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As lawyers specialising in employee share schemes, we can help you in a range of situations that may require specialist knowledge of this field.

You might have a client asking for advice on creating a new share scheme or you may be working on a transaction in which the presence of an existing share scheme is raising technical questions. Using an external expert will help you find the answers quickly and accurately. If you would like to explore this further, we would be happy to discuss how we can assist.

Areas where we can help

We may be able to add value through our knowledge and experience in a range of situations:

  • You have a client seeking advice on the design and implementation of a new share scheme
  • You are representing a client from outside the UK that wishes to extend its share scheme to UK employees
  • You are advising on a corporate transaction involving one or more companies with existing employee share schemes
  • A third party is investing in a company and wishes to limit further dilution of ownership
  • Your client is hiring a new senior employee where the terms include an entitlement to equity
  • Your are advising on an employment termination where the employee may have some share scheme rights
  • For the IPO of a company you need advice on existing share schemes and/or a new share scheme carefully designed to be acceptable to investors
  • You have a client wishing to sell its company to an employee trust
  • Any other situation requiring expertise in employee share schemes

For a discussion about how we can help you with any of these issues or any other share scheme questions please contact us.

If you would like to explore how an employee share scheme might be introduced in a client company, please contact us for an initial discussion.

We are happy to meet at our offices without charge or commitment and will be very pleased to hear from you.