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Some examples of where we have worked in support of other advisers, either to help them secure mandates to advise and then deliver a successful solution, or by working directly with their clients.

US Law Firm

The London office of a US law firm acted on the takeover of a UK company which had a number of employee share schemes. The US firm had no share scheme expertise, and we were able to help it structure the takeover to address a range of issues created by the target’s share schemes and ensure that the participants’ rights were protected. This included guidance on the bidder’s obligations under the Takeover Code, the bid timetable and drafting communications with employees.

Accounting Firm

A tax specialist in an accounting firm advised on a growth share scheme for the chief executive of a client company. The tax specialist provided the tax advice but we were asked to handle the legal implementation. We drafted the articles of association, share subscription agreement and Companies House filings.

London Solicitors Firm

A London solicitors firm had a company client wishing to establish a tax-advantaged Share Incentive Plan (SIP). The firm introduced us to the company and we advised it on how to establish the SIP and ensure it complied with the statutory conditions for participants to enjoy tax relief on the value of the shares which they acquired.

Small Accounting Firm

A small accounting firm has had a series of company clients wishing to provide a reward and incentive for their key people through share ownership. We have assisted each company in the design and implementation of EMI option and other share schemes, in each case working in partnership with their accountant which has advised on share valuations and wider tax questions.

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