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Employee share ownership is a powerful way of encouraging your employees to think like owners, helping to make your business more productive, profitable and resilient.

Share schemes can also result in significant tax advantages for companies, employees or both, making them a highly cost-effective way of providing long term reward.

There are various ways to introduce employee share ownership in your business depending on your circumstances and objectives.

In this short video Robert outlines the main things to think about when setting up an employee share scheme.

Some issues considered are;

  • A medium term incentive
  • An aid to recruitment
  • A scheme aligned to your company’s objectives
  • Key employees or all employees?

Or you may prefer to watch our animated introduction to employee share schemes

“These videos do what Postlethwaite’s do best, they bring employee ownership to life in a straightforward, easily accessible way”

Hugh Yarrow      Investment Director & Fund Manager    Wise Investment

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