Important Update – Extension of HMRC deadline for share scheme annual returns

HM Revenue & Customs has extended the deadline for the submission of share schemes returns for the tax year 2016-17 from 6 July 2017 to 24 August 2017. This follows the technical difficulties experienced recently by the Employment Related Securities (ERS) online service which prevented returns being submitted for an extended period.

Scheme returns filed on or after 25 August 2017 will incur penalties, starting with an automatic £100 penalty.


Further details of the extended deadline and the penalties for late filings are contained in HMRC’s ERS Bulletin No 24 which you can find by following the link.

EO in 25 objects No.22 : Pollitt and Partners


Established 29 years ago, Pollitt and Partners became 100% employee owned via a trust in January 2016.  They are an award winning creative design agency, fastidious about excellence, forward thinking and innovative.  Employing over 40 staff, they are keen to promote the culture of openness that employee ownership brings amongst their peers in the design industry.


“Together we can be creative, we can be ambitious, and we can make work we’re proud of. Together, we are Pollitt & Partners”

EO in 25 objects No.21 : Gripple

Launched in 1988, Gripple is an award winning manufacturer of a wire joining and tensioning device (called a Gripple).  Based in Sheffield, they can now count some 6,500 varieties in their product range, which is used across a wide range of industries from viniculture to agriculture to construction to seismic bracing.  With over 460 employee owners, Gripple still hold innovation and team culture at the heart of all it does, employee ownership driving organic growth and productivity.

“We aspire to work in a challenging, innovative world class business infused with fairness, respect, learning and fun.”

EO in 25 objects No.20 : Toucan Computing

Toucan are IT experts, working solely in the education field since 1996, they design, implement and maintain Apple and Google Chromebook based systems for schools and higher education facilities.  Employee owned since 2016 via an employee trust, the company was founded by two teachers who proudly believe that this background gives them an insight into exactly what the ICT requirements of an educational establishment are.  Currently they employ 19 people.

“Schools often spend considerable amounts of money on equipment, Toucan Computing believes that effective training is key to its productive use.

EO in 25 objects No.19 : Union Industries

Custom skid frame cover

Employee owned since November 2014, Union Industries was founded in 1972.  They are a bespoke manufacturer with a product range that covers industrial roller doors, safety netting, ropes, tarpaulins, canvas and much more.

Union Industries operate a hybrid system with some shares held directly by employees but the majority of the shares are held in an Employee Benefit Trust.

“Take the best that there is and improve it”