Important: HMRC Annual Returns 2017


All companies which operate employee share schemes (whether tax-advantaged or not), or in which there have been transactions in shares by employees or directors, need to file an Annual Return with HMRC for the tax year 2016/2017 by 6 July 2017, even if the scheme has been inactive during the year.

HMRC do not issue any reminders, but are likely to impose penalties if Returns are not submitted by 6 July 2017, and a series of further penalties if they remain outstanding.

The Returns must be submitted online through the HMRC’s website using the HMRC’s template spreadsheets.

Returns can be submitted directly by companies operating share schemes by using the HMRC online service, but if you or your clients would like us to deal with this on your behalf, we would be happy to do so.  Please contact Judith Harris on to discuss your requirements and the likely associated costs.