EO in 25 objects No.5 : Mondragon


Under their Orbea brand they manufacture a range of high-end bicycles,  from road bikes to mountain bikes and also a range of e-bikes


A leading independent Spanish cooperative of some 261 businesses, 74,355 employees, with offices and sales around the world, Mondragon also have their own university and management training schools. Founded in 1956, and a cooperative for more than 30 years, it grows from strength to strength, year on year.

Operating in a wide variety of sectors such as the manufacturing industry, finance, and retail, carrying out research, innovating, educating and the promoting new businesses, the group revenue for 2015 was around 12,000 million Euros.  Orbea bikes are just one of their many brands.

The focus on people, cooperation and inter-cooperative solidarity is captured in the group’s slogan, ‘Humanity at work’