Countdown to #EODay2016


It feels like there’s a special “day” for everything  – I’ve recently celebrated international yoga day, FairTrade day, god-parents day and national pie day (actually, that last one was actually a week long homage to the Great British pie…).  In this plethora of celebrations, its easy to dismiss yet another “day” in the annual events calendar.

So with 2016’s national #EODay fast approaching (less than 45 days until the 2016 event on 1 July), we thought we should share with you why and how we plan to celebrate.

EO Day was introduced four years ago to highlight and celebrate employee ownership in the UK.  Although we are a rapidly growing sector, mention employee ownership to those outside of our field and they will often think it begins and ends with John Lewis.

And whilst very proud to have the hugely successful high street retailer as our flagship, employee ownership is about so much more.  It’s about start-up businesses structured so that all team members are able to benefit from the business growth, its public sector spin-out businesses now run by and for the benefit of their dedicated teams, its professional practices recognizing that to get the very best from their fee-earners sharing success is absolutely critical, it’s a business owner planning for his succession via a strategic move to employee ownership.

So we think its really worth making a noise about employee ownership, sharing the message that employee ownership is already making big strides as an ownership model in the UK and should be on corporate agendas.  EO Day gives employee ownership this platform.

Here at Postlethwaite (where we are employee owned), we’re planning, together with our friends at Capital for Colleagues, to mark the occasion by inviting our neighbouring businesses for a coffee and cake get together on the morning of 1st July at our offices.  We will of course we sharing pictures and commentary on our social media channels.

Whether your business is employee owned already, you are interested in what becoming employee owned could do for your business or are just curious about employee ownership as a concept, #EODay is worth celebrating.

For updates and ideas on what is happening around the UK on EO Day, keep an eye on your social media feeds, following hashtags #EODay #EmployeeOwnership across the various platforms, follow the Twitter accounts of @employeeowned and @shareschemes and do get involved using the hashtags to share your posts and pictures.