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Corporate Lawyer: Employee Ownership & Share Schemes

Job description

About us and what we are looking for


Do you have corporate law experience and are you looking for a legal career in business with a strong and transformative purpose? This advertisement is for a full-time role involving the redesign of business ownership to create better performing, sustainable businesses which place a high value on their employees and widely share the rewards of enterprise.


Employee ownership in business is a key element in our evolving economy and society. Postlethwaite has become one of the UK’s leading law firms specialising in employee ownership and share incentive schemes. A boutique practice, we work throughout the UK and overseas to help our clients design and implement new forms of ownership in which employees have a significant stake.


We don’t just advise our clients on how they can extend or transfer ownership to their employees, we are also employee owned ourselves. Postlethwaite is not a traditional partnership but a company, in which ownership is widely shared and not limited to our senior lawyers.


Whilst we are financially successful, we also have a mission statement (see below) and values which are of high importance to us.

Our business is growing quickly and we are looking to increase the size of our legal team to meet growing demand.


Our mission

To help our clients build a successful, world-class and sustainable businesses through employee ownership and engagement in success, and to do the same in our own company

Our values

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Some comments from recent clients

“The result has been transformational”

“The impact on our staff since becoming employee owned has been incredible”

“Magic circle expertise with a more personal service”

“Absolutely brilliant and still helping us today”


Companies we work for

They are many. Below are some examples:





Are you the person we are looking for?

We are looking for these qualities:

  •  engaged by our work, its purpose and impact;
  •  values working with people;
  •  strong communication skills;
  •  a bright and quick learner;
  •  enthusiastic about working in a collaborative and supportive culture.

We are seeking a person who can help deliver on all aspects of our work, grow into the role and develop into a project leader.

  • 3-10 year’s relevant experience
  • bachelor’s degree

Initially this is likely to involve participating in:

  • The design and implementation of changes in business ownership involving employee ownership trusts and        individual shares
  • Creating and putting in place employee share schemes

 We are looking for someone who can also increase their capabilities with appropriate training and mentoring, extending to training new employee owners, taxation advice on employee ownership, share valuation, project management and client relations, business development, marketing and sales.

Employee ownership’s time has come, and we offer a strong and genuine opportunity for you to forge and develop a long-term career as we move into a major and exciting phase in the development of our practice.


Skills and experience

First and foremost, you will have good experience of corporate transactions. You may have worked as a corporate lawyer or you might be an experienced paralegal who has worked closely on transactions and who would like to work towards a solicitor qualification as an employee ownership specialist.

A knowledge of employee share schemes and employee trusts will be welcome but is not expected.

If you wish to apply for this position, please send your CV for the attention of Robert Postlethwaite to info@postlethwaiteco.com :

Closing date 31st August 2018