Our Values

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Looking after our clients


We create a relationship of trust with you, so that you feel confident in our advice and your dealings with us.


We listen to you to understand what you want to achieve and we provide our advice with clarity.


We ensure that we are available to respond to your needs


Our clients value high quality advice, our charges for which are reasonable and clear.


Our advice is practical and solution focussed, technically thorough, precise.  We look out for your interests.


How we work together

Positive purpose

We believe in the value of our work for our clients

Mutual support

We pool knowledge, jump in to help and support each other when help is needed, working in a collegiate manner.


We are as open as we can be about what is happening in our business and place a high importance on communication.

We recognise that everyone has plenty to contribute, so we listen.


Everyone has an important role.  We show each other respect at all times.

 Broad ownership and reward sharing

We give all our permanent employees the opportunity to acquire an ownership stake and share in our company’s rewards.

If you would like to explore how employee ownership or an employee share scheme might be introduced in your company, please contact us for an initial discussion.

We are happy to meet at our offices without charge or commitment and will be very pleased to hear from you.